Searching for a tech-partner?
Searching for a tech-partner?
China's rapid tech developments challenge conventional business models. Considering a tech-partner or want to tap into China's innovation ecosystem?
Has your business hit the wall?
Has your business hit the wall?
Whatever the wall might be, don't apply conventional wisdom or clichés from your China business 101 textbook. Let's dig a little deeper.
Ready to move out of your comfort zone?
Ready to move out of your comfort zone?
If you cannot beat them, join them! Want a different perspective on partnership with Chinese companies? Let's brainstorm!
Interested in knowing where Beijing is headed?
Interested in knowing where Beijing is headed?
Are you curious to know where Beijing is headed and how it will impact your business? Get an inside view from our experts.
So you have entered China?
So you have entered China?
When the world's largest demand meets the world's largest supply, creativity and speed is a decisive factor for success. Want to talk?

Welcome to

AEGG Consulting


We bridge Chinese and Scandinavian businesses by supporting their sales & business development activities, and help search for partners & investors

AEGG Consulting is a Danish-born boutique consultancy with deep roots and vast network in China - a network that spans from on-the-ground sales professionals to trusted advisors to the Chinese government.

We are your hands-on, execution-focused partner. Our engagement with you does not stop at the PowerPoint presentation. We reach out to your potential clients or partner, sit with you in negotiations and ensure what is promised is delivered.

We draw on a vast network of seasoned Chinese executives and entrepreneurs, top tier influential scholars, and other accomplished professionals who not only understand the West, but have deep insights to the pecularities of China, its system and its dynamics.

Our strength lies in our network.

Should we drink a cup of tea? Coffee is good too.



We support SMEs with sales related activities from identification of potential clients, establishment of direct sales channels to strategic sales cooperation


We develop sales channels be it physical or online distribution, we have a strong network we can tap into


We bridge Nordic companies with strategic investors in China. We also help Chinese companies find partners in Scandinavia


Below are a few cases (content under development)


We are busy helping businesses succeed in China and Chinese businesses succeed in Scandinavia. More information to be published...

Case 1

Helped Chinese renewable energy company identify technology partner in Denmark

Case 2

Sold non-Chinese academic curriculum to Chinese universities

Case 3

Generated leads for premium foreign healthcare service provider in China

Case 4

Facilitated a B2G discussion which eventually led to the signing of MoUs between Danish MNC and municipal government

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 Copenhagen, Denmark



AEGG Consulting is a boutique consultancy which bridges Chinese and Scandinavian businesses by offering business development support, lead generation and partner & investor search.