With deep roots in the two regions of the world that holds the largest potential for green tech, namely Scandinavia and Asia, AEGG Consulting helps companies seeking to expand their business in these two regions. We pride ourselves in having an in-depth understanding of the regulatory environment and buyer dynamics why we are able to help companies navigate the waters


We specialize in partner search, project management, and investment promotion in the greentech space. What’s Our strength? We have the agility and the rich experiences to help clients tackle the “Eastern and Western” frictions when it comes to cooperation - we are bridging the  cognitive gap and the gap in ways projects are executed.

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AEGG Consulting delivers a full range of services from reaching out the potential business partners, setting up and facilitate multilateral business meetings, contract negotiations, due diligence and performing overseas marketing and communication tasks on behalf of clients. We listen to our client’s aspirations, and lead and the tasks from start to finish

We help you design and execute a marcom, branding or public affairs plan expose your brand and business to your most important stakeholder groups.

We help you find and organise important information about any subject that is of your interest, be it potential customers, suppliers or acquisition subject.

We help you find a strong partner for your business expansion plans whether you are looking for a supplier, distributor, research partner, or just a customer.

We help you determine the best strategy for entering a new market, taking into consideration your business model, product and time horizon.

Our Projects

AEGG Consulting has provided a wide range of different services to clients from Europe and Asia. We have helped clients from different industries developing their business.

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